Dear members,

The IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program was developed to address the growing concern that, at a young age, girls are discouraged from careers in mathematics, science, and engineering.

This educational outreach program promotes involvement of IEEE members with local junior high and high schools in order to create a positive image of engineering careers.

Through a one-to-one interaction between society volunteers and a Student-Teacher Team, STAR’s aim is to create a technical support network for teachers and a mentoring program for students.

One of our main goals is to help build the future generations of thinkers and the best way to do that is by sparking the Imagination of the young and Igniting their Curiosity by Learning about space.

Your mission is to come up with the way to fulfill the challenge according to the guideline/Tips below:

1.  The program must be a session or a series of sessions, one or multiple projects /workshops that sparks Imagination of kids, teach them about the importance of looking after our planet, encourage the future generations to aim high and to have high expectations of themselves and their own futures.
2. Participations that succeed to establish a sustainable program will get a bonus.
3. Participants present their program in a short video; minimum editing is preferred.
4. Video must not exceed 4 minutes otherwise points will be deducted.
5. This competition is eligible to IEEE WIE Tunisia Student Affinity groups. Typically, a team is composed of a team leader and a couple or three participants (WIE student members).

6. Participants are invited to pitch their work and to a Q&A session. During TSYP, pitching time allocated for each team is 4 minutes.
7. Language: essentially English and some Arabic words are permitted.
8. Deadline: December the 16th 23:59:00 (not extendable).