The IEEE WIE Tunisia Affinity Group is seeking to appoint the following volunteers in order to help the WIE TN AG officers in their tasks and to participate actively in the success of the IEEE WIE TN AG:

  1. Webmaster: should maintain the website of the WIE Tunisia AG up to date. It is of her/ his responsibilities to share posts of the WIE Tunisia AG events on the website, make sure it is functional and secured all the time, bring regular modifications and improvements on it and prepare it for promoting sponsors and partners of the WIE Tunisia AG. The website should be a reference that contains useful information for its visitors.
  2. Sponsoring Coordinator: should be responsible for fund-raising by requesting donations from companies, individuals, governmental agencies… It is of her/ his duty to prepare an annual sponsoring document of the WIE Tunisia AG and update it regularly to use it whenever it is necessary. She/ He is also responsible of looking for opportunities and sources of financing the WIE Tunisia AG activities.
  3. Newsletter Editor: should be responsible for the publication of the WIE Tunisia AG Newsletter. She/ He collects inputs from the WIE Tunisia AG Executive Committee and WIE Student AG aas appropriate. Then, she/ he assembles and edits the collected inputs, and other pertinent items into a cohesive document. while maintaining an objective and unbiased position. She/ He sets the deadline for inputs for each publication based on the opportunities presented during the particular calendar year and arranges for the Newsletter to be distributed and stored electronically.


  • Must be an IEEE member in good standing (Undergraduate Student Member, Graduate Student Member, Member, or higher).
  • Must reside in the geographic boundaries of the Tunisia Section.
  • Prior volunteer experience.
  • Ability to spend sufficient time and energy to help the WIE Tunisia AG in its tasks.
  • Ability to respond quickly to communications by email.

If you are interested to join the WIE Tunisia AG executive committee as appointed member, please fill in the following candidacy form by 16 April 2017.

Please don’t hesitate to contact <[email protected]> if you need further details.