WIE Tunisia Best Photo Contest

Dear IEEE WIE Tunisia Student Affinity Group Chairs,

It is a great pleasure to announce the IEEE WIE Tunisia Best Photo Contest organized by IEEE WIE Tunisia Affinity Group. The competition aims to encourage WIE members to organize and attend IEEE Day events.

Eligibilty: This competition is eligible to IEEE WIE Tunisia Student Affinity Groups (SAGs).

How to Enter: Entrants must submit a photo (the “Entry”) shwoing WIE members during the IEEE Day celebrations.

Entries must:

· Be original (no edits, no photoshopped entries, no logo added, etc.);
· Include IEEE WIE members;
· Display the IEEE Day 2017 logo or IEEE Day 2017 T-shirt in the Entry. Editing the IEEE Day logo into the Entry will be result in disqualification;
· Entrant may only submit up to 3 photos.
· Be submitted in either .jpg or .png file formats and not exceed 1 GB per entry.
· Be sent to <[email protected]> with email subject “IEEE WIE Tunisia Best Photo Contest”. The email must include the name and email address of the submitter (who must be a member of the WIE SAG Executvie Committee), name of the WIE SAG, name and date of the event;

Entry Period: The contest submission period begins on Sunday 1 October 2017 00:00 UTC and end on Tuesday 17 October, 2017 11:59 PM UTC. Entries received before or after the entry period are void.

Notification of Winner: The IEEE WIE Tunisia AG Executive Committee members will review the submissions. The Winner will be notified by e-mail on November 01, 2017.

Award: 30$ for the WIE SAG students activities.

​Good luck!

Winner: IEEE ENETCOM WIE Student Affinity Group.


Coffee Talk

The IEEE WIE SAG ENIS organized a coffee talk on March 18, 2017 in Moving Club Sfax. More than 3 WIE senior members and members from Tunisia (Ilhem Kallel, Boudour Ammar, Raja Fdhila) were present in the event and more than 12 WIE students member participated to the rewarding discussion.

First, the participants started by introducing each other and the new committee. Then, they debated about the challenges facing women in STEM nowadays while enjoying sharing ideas, different opinions and experiences about this matter.

Second, WIE attendees talked about the objectives they wish to accomplish and the events they are planning to organize by the end of this school year. So, they had the pleasure to take counseling from our guests and get better perspectives on the WIE role played to help young women to follow their dreams and become better contributors in their societies.

Third, the WIE SAG ENIS chair Hend Challouf proposed an idea which is arranging the first edition of the WIE Tunisia Annual Congress which can be a great way to connect student engineers from all over the country.

Finally, the attendees discussed about the third Video contest for Women In Engineering Student Affinity groups. The thematic of the competition will be announced soon by the WIE Tunisia AG and the winner will be announced on TSYP Tunisia 2017.

Girl Day 2017: WIE Leadership Camp

IEEE WIE ISSAT Sousse SAG organized the second edition of the “Girl Day” with the topic “WIE Leadership Camp” in conjunction with the International Celebration of “Girl Global Day” and “Engineering Week” in 22th February 2017 . The event was a serie of training sessions in leadership and personal development.
The IEEE WIE Tunisia AG Vice-Chair participated in this event by presenting the IEEE Women In Engineering and its benefits to the attendees.


The first 2017 edition of  the Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory & Applications (WIMTA’27) was held in Riadh Palm hotel Sousse-Tunisia during January 13-15, 2017. More than 40 WIE members were present in this workshop.  It was an excellent opportunity for the dissemination and exchange of latest PhD student research results and for the presentation of technical innovation on all aspects of machine intelligence and linked data.

The workshop mainly featured plenary talks, practical sessions, PhD student presentations (oral and poster) and exhibition of developed applications. Four awards were announced in the closing session for respectively the best poster, the best oral presentation, the best poster and the best demo.

wimta_27_2 wimta_27_3
wimta_27_5 wimta_27_4

Both of the workshop and its location were enjoyable and attendees took benefits from the interactions with the amazing and interesting peoplemet there!


WIE session in TSYP 2016

The Tunisian Students and Young Professionals Congress (TSYP) is the annual meeting of the IEEE Tunisia section members. In TSYP 2016, more than 500 engineering students from several Tunisian universities either public or private meet together to learn further details about IEEE technical, professional, and educational benefits. Also, it is an occasion to discuss the future national and international engineering challenges.



TSYP 2016 was held on 18-19-20 December 2016 in “Diar el Medina” hotel in Hammamet.

IEEE WIE Tunisia AG organized a special session during this event on December 19, 2016. During this session, a presentation about WIE in general and specifically about WIE Tunisia is done in front of more than 500 students and professionals. The activities performed by WIE Tunisia AG during a whole year were exposed to public. The main topic of the session was about STAR program. This last was explained to students to encourage them to invest their efforts in educating technologies to children.




In order to boost the interest about STAR program within Tunisian SAGs, WIE Tunisia AG launched a call for participation to Women STAR Contest in which contestants are asked to make a video about all their STAR activities. This contest was done during the WIE special session just after WIE presentation. Six WIE student representatives from various WIE Tunisia SAGs (INSAT, ENIB, ENIS, ISSATSO, ENICarthage and ENIT) participated to the competition.


All the exhibitions showed a big enthusiasm and a great interest to STAR program. They presented by the way their insight and their proposals to enhance more and more the work within this program.

The YouTube links of the videos that participated in the contest:








After all the participants exposed their vision about STAR program, WIE Tunisia AG invited a representative of IEEE WIE Egypt on stage to give an overview about Egypt AG. Mohamed Saif ElDine made a presentation in which several activities of WIE Egypt were visualized. He expressed his appreciation of Tunisia STAR program and aimed to follow this program in Egypt too.



WIE INSAT SAG has won the contest thanks to the quality and originality of the educational activities done for children. The session was concluded by giving a certificate of appreciation as well as a cash prize to the representative of the winning SAG.





IEEE DAY 2016 Celebration

The IEEE WIE Tunisia AG celebrated IEEE Day 2016 on 1st October, 2016. In the morning, a coffee talk about WIE STAR program gathered female and male engineers. The rest of the day was devoted to World Robotics Olympiad WRO Tunisian Qualifications where WIE Tunisia Board served as evaluation committee for several tracks.


Coffee talk about STAR program

IEEE WIE Tunisia AG executive board organized a coffee talk to celebrate the IEEE Day. The meeting gathered female and male members from different Tunisian WIE SAGs. It boosted the leadership and the networking between WIE members. During the meeting, they discussed many topics about the benefits of being WIE member, enlarging the number of WIE members from Tunisia, etc. STAR program was the main topic of interest during the talk. They presented the progress of this program and enumerated the activities and workshops organized during the last period. Following the great success of these past activities, they made a planning of the coming STAR competition.

WRO 2016 Tunisian Qualifications

The IEEE WIE Tunisia AG was a partner of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Tunisian Qualifications held on 1st October 2016 at the National Engineering School of Sfax ENIS. WRO Tunisia 2016 aims to promote the development of robotics in Tunisia. It was an occasion to celebrate the IEEE Day 2016. The event began by a technical workshop on designing and developing robots. Then, it was followed by qualifications which involved several teams: Waste Sorting robotics track for junior school (13-15 years) and bowling game for university students (19-25 years).

Female engineers participated not only as organizers but also as juries in several tracks. WRO was an opportunity for Women to ensure her ceaseless capabilities in organizing such important events for the development of our country.


Women Equality Day

On behalf of Women’s equality day, IEEE WIE ENIT SAG chooses to celebrate by giving a throwback about what they fulfilled during the last year.  WIE ENIT SAG members said “Women’s equality day isn’t a onetime revolution against gender discrimination. It is a whole process of encouragement and pushing towards a better future for all women. Today we celebrate women’s achievements over the years and on this matter, the IEEE ENIT WIE Affinity group would like to take you on a throwback ride to see what we have done the past year. “

Tunisia WIE Star Program

Tunisia Star program aims to educate engineering skills to children. Many training workshops have been organized to develop important skills and make kids loving technology since their childhood. From 18 to 22 August, 2016, the program was in progress in New Generation Sfax. Scratch animation, mobile development and robotics technology were the main objectives during these days.