Welcome to the website of the IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE), Tunisia Affinity Group!

IEEE Tunisia Section-Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group has been formed to meet the Female engineer’s needs and to prompt and introduce them to the world and to prepare them to the future and the local/global market.

IEEE WIE Tunisia Affinity group was established in August 3, 2009. It counts 521 members  by December 2016 (409 Students, 57 Graduate students, 51 Members, 2 Associate/ Affiliate members, and 2 Senior members).

IEEE Women in Engineering is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists.
The mission of IEEE WIE is to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower IEEE women worldwide. IEEE WIE envisions a vibrant community of IEEE women and men innovating the world of tomorrow.

The IEEE Women In Engineering (WIE) Student Affinity Groups (SAG) can be formed within the established Student Branches.

Founding an IEEE WIE student affinity group requires the signatures of 6 IEEE WIE Student members on a petition. Learn more about how to form a WIE student affinity group.

10 Established WIE student affinity groups:

IEEE WIE SAG Formation date
 ENIS – WIE  February 24, 2010
 ENIT – WIE  January 3, 2012
 ENIB – WIE  August 28, 2014
 ENIG – WIE  December 16, 2014
 ISSAT So – WIE  July 23, 2015
 ENI Car – WIE  April 4, 2016
 ENIM – WIE  April  25, 2016
 ENISo- WIE  December 01, 2016
  ULT- WIE  December 2016
 INSAT-WIE  December 2016
 ISI-WIE  March 06, 2017

IEEE WIE: https://wie.ieee.org/

IEEE WIE R8: http://www.ieeer8.org/category/member-activities/women-in-engineering/

If you are interested to join the IEEE WIE, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to wie.tn [at] ieee.org !