WIE session in TSYP 2016

The Tunisian Students and Young Professionals Congress (TSYP) is the annual meeting of the IEEE Tunisia section members. In TSYP 2016, more than 500 engineering students from several Tunisian universities either public or private meet together to learn further details about IEEE technical, professional, and educational benefits. Also, it is an occasion to discuss the future national and international engineering challenges.



TSYP 2016 was held on 18-19-20 December 2016 in “Diar el Medina” hotel in Hammamet.

IEEE WIE Tunisia AG organized a special session during this event on December 19, 2016. During this session, a presentation about WIE in general and specifically about WIE Tunisia is done in front of more than 500 students and professionals. The activities performed by WIE Tunisia AG during a whole year were exposed to public. The main topic of the session was about STAR program. This last was explained to students to encourage them to invest their efforts in educating technologies to children.




In order to boost the interest about STAR program within Tunisian SAGs, WIE Tunisia AG launched a call for participation to Women STAR Contest in which contestants are asked to make a video about all their STAR activities. This contest was done during the WIE special session just after WIE presentation. Six WIE student representatives from various WIE Tunisia SAGs (INSAT, ENIB, ENIS, ISSATSO, ENICarthage and ENIT) participated to the competition.


All the exhibitions showed a big enthusiasm and a great interest to STAR program. They presented by the way their insight and their proposals to enhance more and more the work within this program.

The YouTube links of the videos that participated in the contest:








After all the participants exposed their vision about STAR program, WIE Tunisia AG invited a representative of IEEE WIE Egypt on stage to give an overview about Egypt AG. Mohamed Saif ElDine made a presentation in which several activities of WIE Egypt were visualized. He expressed his appreciation of Tunisia STAR program and aimed to follow this program in Egypt too.



WIE INSAT SAG has won the contest thanks to the quality and originality of the educational activities done for children. The session was concluded by giving a certificate of appreciation as well as a cash prize to the representative of the winning SAG.