Coffee Talk

IEEE WIE members organized a coffee talk on August 8th, 2016 at Sousse. Their meeting boosted the leadership and the networking between the female members from ENIM and ENISO WIE SAGs. During the meeting they discussed many topics about choosing engineering as a profession that suits a woman, the benefits of being WIE member, etc…

WIE Tunisia in IEEE WCCI 2016, Vancouver, Canada

The IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI) 2016 is a bi-annual IEEE Congress on held in Vancouver, Canada, 24-29 July 2016. It is financially sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS). It encourages cross-fertilization of ideas among the three big areas: neural networks, fuzzy systems and Evolutionary Computation. It provides, also, a forum for intellectuals from all over the world to discuss and present their research findings on computational intelligence.

IJCNN 2016: The annual International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) is the flagship conference of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and the International Neural Network Society. It covers a wide range of topics in the field of neural networks, from biological neural network modeling to artificial neural computation.

Boudour Ammar presented 6 papers from the University of Sfax. She presented her two papers named “Single- and Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization of Reservoir Structure in Echo State Network” and “Pseudo almost periodic solutions of impulsive recurrent neural networks with mixed delays”.

Apart from attending the technical programs, participants are also invited to attend various social events to be held during IEEE WCCI 2016, such as Welcome Reception, Award Banquet, Women in Computational Intelligence (WCI) Reception, Student Activities and Young Professionals Reception, IEEE CIS Chapters Forum, etc.

There are more than 100 Chapters and Student Chapters, composed of active volunteers who add value to the membership of CIS members by organizing events, lectures, summer schools, workshops, competitions as well as networking and social events.

Boudour Ammar represented the CIS Tunisia chapter as a secretary in the IEEE CIS chapters forum, the day of the reception on 25 July 2016.

During the Forum, we discussed how to receive funding to organize various events and to be informed on best practices and the benefits of CIS chapter.

The Women in Computational Intelligence (WCI) Committee invited all the ladies to attend the WCI-Reception, Vancouver Convention Centre (West Building) on Thursday evening, 28 July 2016. It is one of WCI traditions to organize receptions for women at the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) conferences. IEEE CIS is fully committed to ensure equal opportunities to both genders in the society’s life and the computational intelligence arena.

Boudour Ammar represented the IEEE Women in Engineering and Computational Intelligence Tunisia as a chair. So, she attended the WCI reception at WCCI2016 in Vancouver 24-29 July 2016.

About 19 papers from Tunisia in World Computational Computation Intelligence: a large technical event in the field of computational intelligence. We mention that the number of population of Tunisia is about 11 300 000 people. Proud of Tunisian researchers!



The IEEE WIE ILC 2016 was held on 23-24 May, 2016at San Jose CA. Abir Chermiti was representing IEEE WIE Tunisia Affinity Group as a Volunteer in the Conference. It was a good opportunity to present WIE Tunisia to WIE world.

Technovation in Tunisia

Technovation competition was held on May 1st, 2016 at Tunisia. 19 young school girls’ mobile developers teams participated in the national day of pitching for qualification to the final in Silicon Valley. WIE Tunisia AG supported the female participation. The US ambassador in Tunisia, the minister of technology and the minister of health attended the event to encourage the young participants.


STAR – Best Tunisia Video for STAR Program

Welcome to the second IEEE WIE Tunisian competition!

The video competition of the year 2016 aims to participate to STAR program which encourages girls at young age, from careers in mathematics, science, and engineering.

The video gives more details about:

-The Student Affinity group activities for STAR program

-How WIE members can participate to STAR program?

  • Deadline: December, 1st  2016.
  • Extended deadline: December, 17th 2016
  • Eligibility: This competition is eligible to IEEE WIE Tunisia Student Affinity groups. Typically a team is composed of a team leader (WIE member) and a couple or three participants (WIE student members). The link of the video must be sent to <[email protected]>(for example youtube link) by the extended deadline of December 17th, 2016.
  • Duration of the video: max 8mn.
  • Language: essentially English and some arabic words are permitted.
  • Application: The announcement of the award winner will be in the TSYP congress on December 2016.
  • Award: 70$.

WRO Tunisian Qualifications / RoboComp Robotics Competition

The 6th Robotics Competition (RoboComp) & 13th World Robot Olympiad WRO-Tunisia’2016  (World Robotics Olympiad Qualifications & Tunisia National Robotics Competition) will be organized by the Research Groups on Intelligent Machines (REGIM-Lab.), the Sustainable Innovation Tunisia Association (SIT) and the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (RAS) Tunisia Chapter in partnership with the IEEE WIE Tunisia AG.

Date: 11-12 July, 2016.

Place: the  International Fair of Sfax (Hall 1 and Hall 2) , Sfax-Tunisia .

WRO-Tunisia’2016 aims to qualify one team per track to participate in World Olympiad Robot (WRO) in its 12th edition which will take place in  New Delhi (India), on November 11-13, 2016. Find more information about WRO 2016

WRO-Tunisia’2016 and RoboComp aim to bring together worldwide students, young researchers, professionals and international robotics experts to exchange ideas and share problem solving strategies pertaining to robotics. The competition aims also to promote the development of robotics in Tunisia.

For more information please visit:



In its first 2016 edition, WIMTA’26 was organized by REGIM-Lab in Marhaba hotel, Sousse-Tunisia during March 22-25, 2016. Tens of male and female engineers assisted to the event. Many presentations about artificial intelligence: theory and application were held during the workshop.

wimta26_2    wimta26_1

There were posters, teasers and videos demonstration sessions. These sessions provided to PhD students the opportunity of exposing their works and participating to many contests.

WIE student and professional members joined the event. They participated in various competitions. Some WIE student members won in some competitions.WIE professional members gave the prices to winners.

In fact, the secretary of WIE Tunisia AG was awarded for having the best poster in the smart-computation program. She received her award by the chair of the IEEE WIE Tunisia AG.

wimta26_3  wimta26_5  wimta26_4

The workshop was not just an occasion for work but for entertainment too. IEEE members met together while having the lunch or the dinner. They had fun and discussed many concerns about IEEE activities in Tunisia.

wimta26_7  wimta26_6

International Women’s Day

The IEEE ENIS WIE Student AG has celebrated the International Women’s Day 2016. It was an opportunity to showcase the range of successful Tunisian women that shared with attendees their successful experiences in order to innovate and encourage youth to pursue their own dream projects with more conviction and confidence.

The IEEE WIE Tunisia AG chair took part to the event and gave awards to the speakers.

call_international women day
Call for the International Women’s Day celebration


international women day_6 international women day_5 international women day_4


international women day_1






Droidcon junior

The IEEE WIE Tunisia Affinity Group took part to the Droidcon junior event as part of its STAR program (IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist program) on March 6, 2016. It was a 1-day workshop dedicated to college and high school students aged between 12 and 18 years to initiate them to Android. Droidcon junior aims to introduce mobile applications development and robotics to juniors supported by coaches. Such an event promotes involvement of IEEE members with local juniors and creates a technical support network for teachers and a mentoring program for students. It promotes to all students the endless possibilities that can result from considering engineering as a possible career option.
Through its participation to Droidcon junior, the IEEE WIE Tunisia AG aims to convey the message that math and science are fun, engineering has career options that benefit humanity and is gender neutral.