The first 2017 edition of  the Workshop on Intelligent Machines: Theory & Applications (WIMTA’27) was held in Riadh Palm hotel Sousse-Tunisia during January 13-15, 2017. More than 40 WIE members were present in this workshop.  It was an excellent opportunity for the dissemination and exchange of latest PhD student research results and for the presentation of technical innovation on all aspects of machine intelligence and linked data.

The workshop mainly featured plenary talks, practical sessions, PhD student presentations (oral and poster) and exhibition of developed applications. Four awards were announced in the closing session for respectively the best poster, the best oral presentation, the best poster and the best demo.

wimta_27_2 wimta_27_3
wimta_27_5 wimta_27_4

Both of the workshop and its location were enjoyable and attendees took benefits from the interactions with the amazing and interesting peoplemet there!